Ecuador is one of the most beautiful countries in South America. Bordering the Pacific Ocean at the Equator, it is divided into three continental regions—the Costa (coast), Sierra (mountains),  one insular region (jungle), and the Galápagos Islands (officially Archipiélago de Colón).


If you want to go on holidays, there are many wonderful places to visit. The food, for example, is delicious, you can try humitas, churrascos, empanadas with cheese or meat. Encebollados is a special fish soup, ceviches the sea shell with fish or prawn, rice with fish,  patacones, salad and a great variety of tropical fruits like banano, mangos piña, caña de azucar, duraznos, chirimoyas, guabas, maduro, platano verde. We also have cocoa and cafe.

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You can find different weathers in Ecuador. If you go to the seaside is hot all the year, places like Manta, Atacames, Saint Elena, Saint Domingo de los Tsachilas, Playas, Bahia de Caraquez, Salinas, Esmeraldas, Parque Nacional de Machalilla,  Montañita, Guayaquil, etc. All  are fantastic places to enjoy.

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In the mountain range we also have all the weathers and lovely places as well. Quito is the capital. The country is located is in the middle of the world. Ecuador has a range of natural formations. These range from the plains to the snow capped peaks of the Andes and even a patch of desert like coast in the south. Volcanoes are scattered across the country but the most well-known  are the active Cotopaxi Volcano and Pichincha Volcano. The highest is Chimborazo at over 6,000 metres and the most active is Sangay. There are cloud forests, hot springs and thermal pools all waiting to be explored in this diversely scenic country. And then of course there are the rugged but beautiful volcanic islands of the Galapagos that are also part of Ecuador.  We can visit the cities of Papallagta, Guallabamba, Cuenca, Ibarra, Ambato, Baños, Riobamba, Tulcan, Latacumga, Otawalo, Cotacachi, etc.

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In the jungle, there are many places for holidays. If you want to escape  from the noise, stress and have amazing experiences you need to visit Napo, Pastaza, Misahualli, Anaconda Lodge, Cotococha Amazon Lodge, SuchipaKari Amazon Rainforest, Hamadryade Lodge, Yacuma Ecolodge, Huasquilla Amazon Lodge, Yasuni Forest, Itamandi Ecolodge, etc.

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