Bulgaria, with capital Sofia. The countries around Bulgaria are Romania, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey.


Nowadays, is a good idea to visit Bulgaria, especially the Black sea. The main cities with beaches and good destinations are Burgas and Varna. The temperature in July and August is so high, is between 30-40°C.

In winter, there are good destinations for skiing. A good example  is  Bansko and Pamporovo.


There are famous cities such as Plovdiv, Karlovo, Pleven, Ruse, and many more.

In Bulgaria we have 4 seasons per year, which is amazing. There you can see the most beautiful mountains like Musala, Vitosha, Vihren, Botev peak, Rila,Rodopi and many more.

About the food, we make amazing banitsa, grilled minced meat called kebapche and kufte. We have a cold soup called “tarator,” this soup includes yogurt, cucumber, garlic, oil, salt and kopur. Shopska salad’s most prominent colours are white (the cheese), green (the cucumbers) and red (the tomatoes and peppers), which match perfectly to the colours of the Bulgarian national flag.






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  1. So many great places to visit in Bulgaria no matter what the season and no matter what the interest (history, nature, archeology, skiing, swimming, hiking, quaint towns and villages, etc., etc.).


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